AllSpark platform received investment from X FORCE Foundation with an investment amount of up to US$5 million

GameFi is no longer a new term in the encryption world, but as a relatively young field, GameFi has achieved tremendous development in just a few years, and its potential is immeasurable. From the initial creative concept to today’s practical application, GameFi has taken solid steps and laid a solid foundation in the field of game finance. It’s safe to say that it’s only a matter of time before GameFi rises again. As a foundation focusing on the blockchain and encryption fields, X-Force Foundation has in-depth research and understanding of the GameFi field, and has always paid attention to the opportunities and potential of Web3. Recently, X-Force Foundation invested in AllSpark, a decentralized on-chain game aggregation platform, with an investment amount of up to US$5 million.

AllSpark is a decentralized on-chain game aggregation platform, committed to providing an open, transparent and innovative game ecosystem for global game players and developers, providing safe and reliable transactions and financial services as well as a decentralized game experience to achieve True ownership of game assets. This new game mode will bring more fun and value to users.

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Founded in 2021, X-Force Foundation is a professional investment institution focusing on blockchain infrastructure, DeFi, NFT, GameFi and mining. X-Force Foundation has become a strategic investor and partner of many digital currency projects with its excellent investment capabilities and professional industry insights.

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