Chinese tea brand KOUCHA is in line with the international standards, landing on the NASDAQ screen

Since ancient times, drinking Chinese tea has been one of the most important activities to regulate the mind, nourish the nature and relax. In today’s fast-paced modern society, it seems difficult to calm down and enjoy a cup of tea, which is even more unimaginable for today’s young white-collar workers.

Suzhou KOUCHA Catering Management Co., Ltd. established the KOUCHA brand in 2016. Adhering to the brand concept of “Tea should be Chinese style”, the founding team of KOUCHA is committed to creating a tea brand integrating traditional Chinese style and current trend, developing the market in the form of chain, creating a new tea brand containing National style culture, and leading a new tea brand. “KOU” comes from “cardamom years”, which symbolizes youth, rebirth and hope. Just as KOUCHA hopes to inject this vigorous vitality into the traditional tea, and strive to create a new experience of tea consumption by colliding with the modern trend culture. KOUCHA hopes to convey its sincerity and enthusiasm for Chinese tea culture to every consumer.

“KOU CHA” image and store decoration are constructed by Chinese style image. Brand image logo comes from Chinese classical elements, because the positioning of milk tea drinks is highly consistent with Chinese classical culture, it is easy to cause psychological resonance of consumers. Secondly, the main colors of the brand space design are red, blue, gray and yellow, which are in line with the latest trend design concept, supplemented by various national fashion elements. In addition, various types of Chinese style murals and logo images are matched in the store to render the theme and form the street trend style.


As the pioneer leader of Guofeng tea, KOUCHA has created many original varieties, such as Bigen oolong, Yanyun Hongpao, Zhizhi series, xianguomanman series, etc., and is committed to presenting the classic tea fragrance from the world. With inspiration, design and new tea flavor in each product, KOUCHA continuously promotes Guofeng good tea with unlimited creativity. With natural tea, fresh fruits and vegetables, pure way, warm works and comfortable environment, we can create a way of life belonging to KOUCHA tea, so that every friend we meet can relax their nerves and show their best to life.

In terms of raw materials, the raw leaf tea is used to make the tea base, and the salty and sweet green root fruit and fresh wheat germ are used as ingredients. Other raw materials also need to be strictly tested, and only those meeting the standards will be used. This kind of painstaking effort is reflected in the product, which ensures the taste and quality of the product. On the external packaging, it is exclusively drawn by the independent designer of Hong Kong, and the style of customized illustration cup is updated every quarter to make the tea cup into the characteristic culture of KOUCHA. Each different cup not only has super high color value, but also has collection value and commemorative significance, forming a new type of tea with Chinese local flavor.


In the brand image design of the store, KOUCHA has the elements of flowers, trees, calligraphy and so on, which are integrated into the Chinese style, making it completely different from the common desktop, American, Japanese and the tea shops that can’t see the style. At the same time, it also has upgraded Suzhou garden landscape elements and neoclassical Chinese style element design. It not only meets the high requirements of consumer groups for product quality and appearance, but also makes young consumers more willing to publicize in the circle of friends, making the impression of Chinese style of KOUCHA deeply in every consumer’s heart.


Recently, KOUCHA has been on the NASDAQ screen in New York City. The NASDAQ screen in Times Square is known as the world’s first screen. New York is an important financial and economic center in the world. Times Square is a world-class landmark in the center of New York City, integrating culture and finance. It has a history of more than 100 years. It is located in Manhattan, New York City, with more than 40 shopping malls nearby And theater, including ABC and many other world news media have studios and news centers here. Because of its world status and popularity, it is also known as “the crossroads of the world”.


At present, Chinese tea culture should go abroad. Chinese tea culture has a long history. We should believe that it has a strong appeal and rich connotation, and it is a sunrise industry that can become one of Chinese traditional culture and go abroad. At the same time, we should turn the traditional fashion and trend into the national trend favored by young people to attract more people to like Chinese tea culture. Lin Jialiang, founder and CEO of KOUCHA, believes that consumers are changing, and the market will change accordingly. Brand of KOUCHA should take the Chinese style as the core, continuously improve and optimize according to the market feedback, and launch new products in different seasons to meet the diversified needs. Only in this way can consumers be moved and the brand be spread.

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