K Play Platform provides strong support for the underlying ecological construction of the metaverse!

The concept of the metaverse has been on the rise, and the metaverse application platform has emerged in endlessly in recent years. Major companies around the world have been actively exploring and researching the metaverse in their areas of expertise.

The term metaverse was coined in Neal Stephenson's 1992 science fiction novel Snow Crash.The novel describes the virtual reality entertainment universe, in which people are immersed in a shared virtual space. Through virtual avatars, people try on clothes in stores, attend concerts, study in virtual world.

Early 2011, K-play’s chief architect and CTO Hamed Nilforoshan tried to use encrypted numbers and decentralized networks to create an entrance that could fit in with the metaverse, and create a the bottom of the metaverse that could realize true freedom and democracy. The problem of economic strength marred the smooth running of the R&D. Hamed Nilforoshan’s principal ideas got a new turn until the appearance of Christos Kepler.

On May 20th, 2018, Christos and Hamed agreed to launch Project-K. Christos Kepler is responsible for the economic field, and Hamed Nilforoshan is responsible for the technical field. In March 2019, the project-K project was officially named K-play. K-play has been greatly improved with the addition of many top development engineers from all over the world. In the following two years, K-play launched the 1.0 and 2.0 test versions during which the team completed the programming of hundreds of smart contracts.The team is constantly testing and developing new features.

K-play is an open platform based on blockchain technology which uses smart contracts and core algorithms to combine decentralized finance with ecological applications in metaverse, and ensure the platform is orderly and trustworthy for intelligent operation.

With accurate deployment of smart contracts, K-play enables its various applications to be capable of clearing and settlement on financial level, and effectively promotes the healthy development of ecological applications. The all open-source core code enables the community to develop more original functions on the platform infrastructure, and enables the platform to be more competitive and creative in the future through community autonomy.

K-play creates a new platform for DeFi+Metaverse ecological application based on blockchain technology, such as K-play application platform, ecological co-builder application and digital asset exchange. Users can generate KUSD by staking KPT or directly purchase KUSD, and can participate in various applications on the platform, and at the same time obtain game experience and income rewards. By completing the ecological closed loop from ecological construction, ecological application, asset creation to asset circulation, the ecological co-builder opens the interface to the metaverse world, a new platform for DeFi+ metaverse ecological application. So that every ecological participant and contributor can obtain the corresponding value in the platform. The official technical team will continue to develop new application ecology and token value models. Diversified ecological functions will be in future.

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