Why is Digital Circulation an innovation from 0 to 1?

Real innovation is an order of magnitude up relative to the old.Because innovation creates new things, it can form a qualitative leap.This is the process from 0 to 1 described by digital circulation.In contrast, competition is from 1 to N. competition replaces what existed before and replicates it, pursues perfection and distinguishes it only by small changes.


Bitcoin is an innovation.It’s an improvement on the order of 0 to 1, really creating something new.When bitcoin blockchain was born in 2009, it monopolized the cryptocurrency market.It’s in an industry where it can dominate everything.People who recognize this early can make a lot of money.


Using the mature concept of bitcoin to develop Ethereum is another innovation.This is another improvement on the order of 0 to 1, really creating something new.When the main network of Ethereum was founded in 2015, it monopolized the smart contract market.It’s in its own business.It’s a few years ahead in that professional market, where it can dominate.People who recognize this early can make a lot of money.



From 0 to 1 of digital circulation

At present, digital circulation is innovating along the governance level.The governance system creates a symbiotic relationship between people and machines, similar to Amazon’s fraud detection program.From the experience, we know that the encryption economic system often breaks along the social line.They break along the social line because they are economic systems, and economics is a discipline that studies human behavior.It is impossible for human behavior to be separated from the economic system like a variable in the algebraic equation.Economics is not like that.Because the encrypted economic network is really useful only when human beings interact with it, an effective governance system is necessary for the successful settlement of disputes and the maintenance of network cohesion.

Compared with the previous system, digital circulation is at least an order of magnitude improvement, involving many aspects: governance, inter chain communication, dynamic upgrade without coordinating hard forks.In 2020, when the relay chain is born, it will form a monopoly or near monopoly situation in every dimension of innovation.Multi dimensional parallel innovation makes digital circulation unique.People who have long recognized this should be able to make a lot of money.



DC is a tool to promote blockchain innovation

The founder of DC once said that digital circulation is not only a means to promote blockchain experiments, but also a tool to make blockchain innovation closer to the landing output.

Digital circulation is a heterogeneous multi chain system.Heterogeneity is that the nature of blockchain (storage mode, storage content, execution mode, etc.) is completely flexible.Digital circulation has no excessive restriction on its internal multi chain structure.They don’t even need to be blockchains, they just need to meet a few criteria.All of these chains (or whatever ideology they are) can exchange messages (or values) in a way that requires little trust (the cost of trust is extremely low).


Digital circulation is a magic project. Bitcoin has created blockchain 1.0, realizing real point-to-point transactions through distributed ledger; Ethereum has created blockchain 2.0, making Turing a complete super virtual “computer”; digital is committed to realizing chain to chain interactionCirculation is expected to open the door of blockchain 4.0, which can be called the cornerstone of the new Internet.

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